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Kansas Sampler Web Log
Kansas Sampler Web Log
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The festival is pleased to have the excellent "From the Land of Kansas" represented so visitors can learn more about this program.
"The From the Land of KansasTM trademark program has the goal of helping businesses that grow, produce, process or manufacture products in Kansas. In addition, the program works with and supports restaurants using Kansas products and retailers selling Kansas products and ingredients."

Beaver Creek Farm, Inc., Dexter - Grass-fed beef.
Flinthills Aromatherapy, Inc., Atlanta - Pure Essential Oils, Essential Oil Spa Blends, Essential Oil Massage Blends, Carrier Oils, Body Butters & Body Butter Blends, Ear Candling Cones, Soywax Candles, Lotions, Body Scrubs, Dead Sea & Himalayan Mineral Sea Salts, Room, Body & Linen Spray, Handmade Soaps, Comfort Bags, & misc natural fiber scrubs and sponges

Hildebrand Farms, Junction City - Milk, glass bottle carriers.

Hoganville Family Farms, Olathe - Homemade sauerkraut 

Jams by Judy, Russell - Fruit Jams in half pints and full pints

Prairie Harvest, Newton - Kansas produced food and food related items including: Peppernuts, Orange Cookies, Trail Mixes, Soup Mixes, etc.
Wright Farm Sunflower Oil, Bird City - Cold pressed natural sunflower oil