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WORKSHOP - Rural Kansas: Come & Get It 2.0

Rural Kansas: Come and Get It  2.0  

April 17, Greensburg, 1-4 p.m. FREE


The "Rural Kansas: Come and Get It” site, getruralkansas.org is merging with the state tourism site!  This means the 600,000+ people who go to the state site will now have access to your information too! 

Whether your town has a presence on getruralkansas.org or not, if you’re rural (approx. 5,000 population or less), you are eligible to be part of this site which will now be a microsite on the state tourism’s TravelKS.com! If you do not have a web presence for your tourism and explorer-y attractions, this free site would make sense for you.  At the workshop, Marci Penner will help you see what you have in your town and then staff from the KDWP&T office and WenDee Rowe of the Kansas Sampler Foundation will help you start to populate your site using the eight rural culture elements as categories. 



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