Inspiring you to explore Kansas

Kansas Explorers Club

Gas, guidebook, gumption. Go!

We're on the road a lot checking out cool things in towns, doing programs, and figuring out how to keep towns going so the timing of the newsletters might not be exactly regular but you'll get six of them by the end of the year. And they'll be full of trip ideas, new ways to look at adventuring in Kansas, and thematic suggestions. 


We're obsessed with eating (and drinking) at locally-owned restaurants and cafes, microbreweries and bakeries.

GO ON AN EXPLORER QUEST  -- like eating a pancake in every county, sticking a toe in every state lake, or going to each of the 8 Wonders.

JOIN THE EXPLORER CLUB  and become part of an amazing group of people.  We hope to inspire people to get out and around the state and appreciate Kansas...and to have some fun doing it!


Our goal is to encourage throngs of people to get addicted to taking back roads, poking around the nooks and crannies, visiting with locals, and putting some money in community economies. The great added bonus of being a Kansas Explorers Club member is that your fee also helps support the good work of the Kansas Sampler Foundation.