Our Values

Our values guide our work.

In 2023, we put together a list of our values that describe how we show up each day - for our organization and for rural Kansas. You might hear us refer to our values when we talk about what and why we do. The core list of values includes:

  • Rural is not less than.
  • Relationships are authentic, not transactional.
  • The Network is the bedrock of our work.
  • We want to do this work, and we want to do it in, with, and for Kansas.
  • We are curious and always learning.
  • We play the long game and create our future.
  • We don't let politics knock us off our purpose. 
  • We help rural communities and their people level-up to be the best versions of themselves. They are the experts; we can help be the external nudge they might need.
  • Our definitions of equity and inclusion are informed by our longstanding commitment to put in the time, listen deeply, and engage all voices.
  • Exploring makes a difference.
  • Love is essential.
  • We are intentional. 
  • Fun is motivating.
  • Joy is powerful.