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Showcase counties for 2019 Big K...

More than 50 people gathered at the Kansas Explorers Club meeting in Greensburg ...

Big Kansas Road Trip a Success!...

Hundreds of people, including a good number of Kansas Explorer Club members, roa...

Activities Galore on Big Kansas ...

The Big Kansas Road Trip (BKRT) will take place in Barber, Comanche and Kiowa ...

Kansas Explorer Club

Kansas Explorer Club

Members of the Kansas Explorer Club receive 5-6 print newsletters a year full of things to see and do that are off the beaten path.

We Kan!

We Kan!

The Big Rural Brainstorm will be held March 7 in Newton in 2016.

Rural Culture Elements

Rural Culture Elements

The 8 rural culture elements are: architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people! They help you see a place with new eyes.

8 Wonders

8 Wonders

Have you seen the 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook? Let it guide you to all 216 Wonders!



Marci and WenDee, of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, are going to every (626) incorporated city in Kansas to research for the second edition of the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.

Big Kansas Road Trip

Big Kansas Road Trip

The showcase counties are Barber, Comanche and Kiowa. The event will be held over four days, May 3-6, 2018.

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Explorer Quests!

Kansas Explorer Club members often choose quests, or a theme travel goal, that will encourage them to explore places in the state they've never been. Kansas Explorer #1020 Larry Woydziak inspired us with his goal to bowl in every county and after that all sorts of quest ideas sprouted.

If you're a Kansas Explorer Club member and want to declare a quest or report your progress, send an e-mail to marci@kansassampler.org.


Bill "Burger Man" Bunyan with fellow Quester Elaine Miller.  Bill has completed three quests, eating a hamburger and a steak in every county and with his wife, Susan, has visited every courthouse.  Elaine and her husband Greg have visited every courthouse in the state too.
KE #1020 Larry "The Bowler" Woydziak was our first Kansas Explorer to choose a quest. His goal was to bowl in every county that had a bowling alley! This turned out to be 85 of 105 counties. He last bowl was in Sterling (Rice County) on June 9, 2001.

KE #1030 Bill "Burger Man" Bunyan was inspired by Larry's journey and decided to eat a hamburger in every county! Since his cholesterol didn't get him on this quest, he went on to eat a steak in every county and completed his tour of the state by eating his final steak at Big Ed's in Bird City.  2010 

In 1994, KE's #1587 Charles & Ina Kay Zimmerman decided to not only visit every incorporated city in Kansas but even ghost towns and beyond. The April 2007 Explorer newsletter reports that they finished their quest after visiting 1,550 towns! That would be the 627 incorporated cities in Kansas and 923 former towns. They also took pictures of as many Methodist churches as possible!

KE #4707 Eddie McLiney, Kansas City, MO, completed his quest of finding a geo cache in every county!  2009.

KE's #2696 Greg and Elaine Miller of Wamego completed their quest to visit every courthouse in Kansas!    2010.

KE's #2323 Bill and Eleanor Miller, Topeka, completed their quest to visit every courthouse in Kansas, too!  2010.

KE #54 Gene Merry, Burlington, completed his quest to drive every mile of every state, federal, and interstate road in Kansas!    2010.


KE #4600 Bonnie Danley is going to see a church in every county.

KE #2013 Larry Hornbaker is driving at least 25 miles of dare-to-do-dirt roads in every county.

KE #4994 Nikol Lohr and family are going to eat pie in every county! If you want to recommend a terrific pie stop in your county, contact her at nikol@harveyvilleproject.com.

KE #3783 Joyce Jordan wants to see every outdoor mural painted on a building in Kansas! Contact her with recommendations at joyrejoyce@sbcglobal.net.

KE's #71 Ann Birney and Joyce Thierer are going to buy a fence post in every county--just a simple metal T-post. Advise them of a locally-owned store in your county that carries these fence posts that they will use at ridehist@satelephone.com.

KE #3128 Frank Thompson wants to eat at every restaurant that serves bierocks! Contact him at kansasexplorer3128@gmail.com.

The unique quest of KE #4524 Norman Carr and wife Lois is to find businesses that have old-fashioned screen doors with slogans like "Rainbow Bread" or "Thanks! Call Again." Send suggestions to carrnm@aol.com. (reported in issue #71).
Two ambitious explorers, KE #375 Nancy Nolte and KE #1980 Judith Dayhoff are going to see every Carnegie Library in the state!

KE #4878 Chris Petty is eating at every barbeque restaurant in Kansas.  Read his blog!

KE #4207 Teresa Huffman is visiting all wineries in the state.

KE #4408 Kerry Davis is finding a historic bridge in every county.

KE #573 John and Charlene Van Walleghen are mailing themselves a postcard from every county AND buying fabric or a quilt in every county AND walking a mile in each county!

KE #8 Von Rothenberger and KE #4419 David Readio are flying to an airport in every county in their "Dare to do Air" quest.

Many more declared quests will be found here soon!