We Kan!

Welcome, 2023 We Kan! Partners. Your donations make you a part of the "We" and therefore a partner in our work to help preserve and sustain rural culture. Your support helps us facilitate peer-to-peer training, share functional information, and do grassroots projects that help communities be the best they can be at being themselves. "We" means we're all in this together. "Kan" is an affirmative that we can move communities forward. The "!" signifies the enthusiasm that is required for this work. 

Thank you to the following foundations that support our work:

  • Patterson Family Foundation
  • Dean Coughenour Trust

Kansas $10,000+


Ad Astra $5,000+ 

Sunflower $1,000+

Meadowlark $500+

  • McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Kathleen Whitmer, Kingman

Cottonwood $250+

  • Beverly Smith Billings, Lawrence

Buffalo $100+

  • Bob & Shirley Black, Howard
  • Shelley O'Brien, Lawrence
  • Joni Regnier, McPherson
  • LeaAnn Seiler, Hanston
  • Larry Tobias, Wichita

Home on the Range $50+

  • Kathleen Holt, Cimarron
  • The Rusty Junker, Meade
  • James H. & Billie Jo Smart, Abilene
  • Charles Wooster, Topeka
Honeybee $25+

  • Marilynn Koelliker, Topeka
  • Diane Smith, Lenexa
  • Konza Media, Wichita