We Kan!


The Kansas Sampler Foundation is committed to preserving rural culture. Part of that culture is ensuring everyone who lives in rural Kansas feels welcome and supported. Here are a series of activities that Kansans in communities of all sizes can consider to help our state’s oldest residents successfully and safely age in place.  Learn more here about how you can help.

This information will be used in a larger project called The 8-98 Plan. The premise of the plan is that a community that is cohesive and has many citizens involved has a better chance of thriving and moving forward. The plan will involve a community mapping effort to find those who would volunteer time, talents, resources, knowledge sets, and skills to address community and individual needs. With more people stepping up to help, the community will be on its way to being the best it can be at being itself.

Funding for this project was provided by the Sunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansas, a Topeka-based philanthropic organization with the mission to serve as a catalyst for improving the health of Kansans.