Blog | Public invited to Big Kansas Road Trip planning meeting

Public invited to Big Kansas Road Trip planning meeting

On May 6 at the final Kansas Sampler Festival, the Kansas Sampler Foundation announced that there would be a new event to educate Kansans about Kansas. The event is the Big Kansas Road Trip and it will take place May 3-6, 2018 in Barber, Comanche and Kiowa counties.

The idea is to invite the public to explore the same designated area on the same weekend. Instead of picking up brochures to learn about places in Kansas, the public will be visiting places in person. Foundation director Marci Penner said "It's one thing to see pictures and hear about driving through the Red Hills, climbing up the steps to the Fromme-Birney round barn, or eating a piece of pie at Donís Place but it's quite another to actually do those things. This is the next step in getting people addicted to exploring Kansas. Barber, Comanche and Kiowa counties will be just the perfect place to launch this new plan."

On Thursday, June 29 at 5:30 p.m., anyone in the three counties is invited to hear more about the Big Kansas Road Trip and to brainstorm. The planning session will be held at the Wilmore Community Center.

All that is expected for towns, businesses, and attractions is to just be great at being themselves. Organizers do not expect any festival-type atmosphere but are open to any and all ideas brought forward. Penner will lead the meeting but will be joined by project county leaders Pake McNally (Barber County), Andi Dale (Comanche County) and Stacy Barnes (Kiowa County).

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