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Preserving and Sustaining Rural Culture

The Kansas Sampler Foundation believes in rural Kansas. 

We support anyone working in communities of any size who has the will and the gumption to help their town take even one step forward.  

We travel across Kansas to every community to meet people in their own environments. These trips have helped us write high-quality guidebooks to educate Kansans about Kansas and create programs that move the needle on issues that are important to rural Kansans. The trips inspired our Power Up movement which supports and networks Kansans ages 21-39 who are Rural By Choice. 

We help create “communities of the future” by helping Kansans invest in creative ways to make their places welcoming and inclusive of all ages, cultures, and perspectives - places that like themselves.

We are a public 501(c)3 non-profit.  Donations are tax-deductible.  Donations can also be made by sending a check to the Kansas Sampler Foundation, 978 Arapaho Road, Inman, KS  67546 or by making a credit card donation below.    

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