8 Wonders of Kansas commerce

An 8 Wonder of Kansas Commerce

Brant's Meat Market, Lucas

Address: 125 S. Main, Lucas, KS 67648
Phone: 785.525.6464
Website: www.brantsmarket.com

Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, closed

Brant's Meat Market is one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce because all meat products are made on site using a variety of old-fashioned methods at this family business started in 1922.


After being closed for a few brief months, thousands of loyal fans and customers breathed a sigh of relief when Brant's reopened in 2018. The new owners have given Brant's a fresh coat of paint and spiffed things up a bit. But what hasn't changed is the genuine throwback experience.

Although Doug Brant has sold the business, the new owners will offer you the same warm welcome and quality products that have been made here since 1922. Rest your foot on the brass rail and ask for a sampling of their famous bologna or sausage.

Does it taste so good because of the experience or simply because it is so good?


Most importantly, there are no prepacked meats sold here. All fresh meats are cut and prepared at the meat market. Homemade items start with the Brant's Bologna (a ring ready to eat) and include Pepper sausage (also in rings and ready to eat), smoked sausages, Liverwurst, and beef jerky. A variety of cheese is available since it goes so well with the ready-to-eat products. Hamburger, bulk sausage, steaks, dry cured bacon, beef and pork roasts, and pork chops are also on the list. Hamburger is ground fresh and sage, salt, and pepper is added to the fresh ground sausage.


Many companies and individuals order gift boxes to give to their customers for the holidays and shipping is again offered  Year-round customers come from all over Kansas and out-of-state. Some come once a year to stock up while others come buy beef jerky to send to a family member in the military. Occasionally a customer will share a childhood memory about coming to the meat market with a parent or grandparent. How good is that -- being part of someone's childhood memories?

This third-generation family business has been around since 1922. Time-tested meats, friendliness and service have been a constant.

VISIT!  Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Contact: info@brantsmarket.com