8 Wonders of Kansas commerce

An 8 Wonder of Kansas Commerce

Rans, Inc., Hays

Address: 4600 U.S. 183 Alt. Hays, KS 67601 Hays, 67601
Phone: 785.625.6346
Website: www.rans.com

RANS is a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce because it is a world leader in the ever-growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries.

Established in 1974 by Randy Schlitter on the plains of western Kansas to build Sailtrikes*, RANS has evolved into a world leader in the ever growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries.  Setting the standard of innovation in these exciting fields, RANS uses cutting edge technology to produce safe, high quality aircraft and bicycles.

NOTE:  The best way to learn about RANS is to go to this website: http://www.rans.com/factoryT.htm

A few excerpts from the factory tour:


The amazing detail, quality and completeness of a RANS kit plane does not come without a serious investment and commitment to infrastructure. In our case we have a 58 thousand square foot factory with typically 50 plus people employed full time to make the kits happen.


Within our walls many different technologies are in constant process, since we actually build the planes from raw materials.


The factory is actually two large buildings connected by the office complex. In the connecting hallway are about 30 to 35 recumbent and crankforward bikes. Also on the wall of the hallway is a map of the world and many colored stars and dots denote locations of dealers around the world. It is fun to look at this map and realize we have product flying on every country that is free to fly.

Kits are carefully packed and arranged on a "skid" which later is enclosed to become the crate. Our packing crew has experience packing thousands of planes and that shows in the fact kits arrive intact ready to start building. 

We run several CNC machines to make the very detailed and precise parts to your kit. These hi-tech modern machines are known for accuracy and quality of cut, making assembly fast.

Our sew shop produces not only the aircraft coverings, but the seat upholstery, canopy covers, and many other items for both bikes and planes. 

Aircraft in various stages fill the Assembly Hall. At any one moment at least 7 to 10 planes are under construction. Both production planes and prototypes share this hall, along with our static test equipment and Bike assembly.

Group tours are available by reservation with a group of 15 or more.   Phone 785.625.6346 to make arrangements.

 Tour hours Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.  785.625.6346.

 Source:  www.rans.com