8 Wonders of Kansas commerce

An 8 Wonder of Kansas Commerce

Ringneck Ranch, Tipton

Address: 655 Solomon Road, Tipton, KS 67485
Phone: 785.373.4835
Website: www.ringneckranch.net

Ringneck Ranch is a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce because it offers exceptional upland game bird hunting and is a prime example of rural entrepreneurship using natural resources and focusing on quality in every phase of the operation.

The 1,200-acre ranch was homesteaded by the Houghton family in 1872. In the ensuing 136 years five generations of Houghton's have built the ranch into an outstanding representative of the state's ranching industry. A hunting lodge operation was started on the ranch in 1983 by the Houghton family and has since grown into one of the state's most respected and recognized operations of its kind, employing fifty people. Ringneck Ranch is also noted as a national destination for company retreats.

Operated by Keith Houghton, a professional airline pilot, and his wife Debra, a former flight attendant, Ringneck Ranch sets a standard with personal service and quality in everything from the field hunts, accommodations, country gourmet meals and baked goods.

Located in the Blue Hills of North Central Kansas, guests have been welcomed from every state, many foreign countries, and Fortune 500 companies. With more than 2,000 hunter days available annually, this Post Rock country offers 10,000 acres of exceptional upland game bird hunting of several species, particularly the wily Ringneck Pheasant.

Hunting dogs are treated like valued guests, as well, and have clean and climate controlled kennels which are designed for 16 dogs.


Ringneck Ranch is not just for hunters. In the off-season other people can enjoy it, too! Ringneck is a tremendous location for family or class reunions, retreats, business conferences, celebrations, and even weddings! The location is refreshing and matches the same quality standard of legendary meals and service.

Smaller groups, like those of just a few friends or husband and wife, can take advantage of smaller, secluded furnishings where privacy is certainly guaranteed.

Tipton located two miles south of Tipton in Mitchell County.

RINGNECK RANCH: Quality Upland Gamebird Hunting

By Michael Pearce

Since its inception in 1983, thousands or words have been used to describe Ringneck Ranch. None, however, could better define the operation than "quality." In the Houghton family since the 1870's, when the Cheyenne and the herds of buffalo still roamed central Kansas, the ranch, isolated in a pristine prairie valley, has been home to some of the most respected men and women in the state. Its cattle and farming operation were long benchmarks for their industries. The same can be said for its modem-day hunting.

Owned and operated by Keith and Debra Houghton, the farming operation covers 10,000 acres of the finest native pheasant, bob-white quail and prairie chicken habitat imaginable. Coverts, managed with both the hunted and hunter in mind, range from easily traversed thin strips of weeds to sprawling fields of chest high CRP grasses. To further opportunities for their clientele, the Houghton's have established several sections where gunners can enjoy seasonal and limits beyond those regulated by the state. A supplementation program, using Ringneck Ranch's sleek custom stock, further ensures consistent success.

More than quality gunning

But the Houghton's know that it takes more than just quality gunning to impress today's serious wingshooters. Hunting parties are kept small, for safety's sake, and all are lead afield by one of Ringneck Ranch's handpicked, gunless guides. These same men pride themselves in showing clients some of the best bird dogs in the area.

Unusual for most Midwestern wingshooting establishments, accommodations are amid the gunning grounds, with opportunities for every size and type of group. Many corporations entertain clients in the huge main guest lodge. Smaller groups take advantage of more intimate, secluded lodging where privacy is guaranteed.

Country gourmet
No matter how large your group, you enjoy the same legendary cuisine. Through the years the cooks at Ringneck Ranch have developed a menu that can best be described as country gourmet." The evening meal, for instance, may include fist-thick, marinated pork chops, a baked pheasant with wine sauce, or an old-fashioned beef roast with all the vegetable fixings. All meals are served family-style and you are welcome to seconds and thirds.

When you get right down to it, the exemplary service--the smiles and the people who wear them--are the reason Ringneck Ranch has a sky-high percentage of repeat clientele. Many who've been there claim they feel they came as customers the first time, and as good friends every time following.

There's only one word that can describe an establishment that can make total strangers feel so comfortable, happy and at home--you guessed it--quality!

E-mail: debra@ringneckranch.net