Blog | Child Care Doalogue to answer start up questions

Child Care Doalogue to answer start up questions

A Child Care Doalogue, organized and facilitated by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, will take place August 20 in Phillipsburg. 
The purpose of the event is to provide details to community representatives who want to know what it would take to start a child care center.  One way that a child care center is different than in-home day care is that it is required to offer cognitive, social, emotional and physical curriculum.
After a tour of the newly-opened Phillipsburg Child Care Center, advocates and experts in the field will be on hand to answer questions. 
Foundation director Marci Penner said, "We will have people there who can answer questions about licensing, staffing, training, building requirements, funding, scholarships, free or reduced meal plans, regulations, and best practices. This is especially designed for rural communities who are just starting to think about whether having such a facility is feasible or not.  A network will be formed here that will be available and helpful year-round."
Penner continued, "In order for young families to find a fit in a rural community, it's imperative that there is quality child care available for their infant to school-age children.  If we are serious about sustaining rural communities by making them appealing to young people, we must look at the challenge of providing fantastic child care."
To register or learn more, go to Registration deadline is August 13.