The PowerUp Movement

What is a PowerUp? It's someone who is 21-39ish and Rural by Choice. 

Rural by Choice. Yes, there’s a lot of power in those words. 

What if young people who chose to live in rural communities felt like they were seen and their voices heard? What if their ideas and actions helped their town become stronger for all ages and made the future brighter?

It's meaningful to be a part of a community--where they'd miss you if you were gone.  A choice means it's not made by default, because you didn't have other options or because you failed elsewhere. 

To be Rural by Choice is a conscious decision. 

Communities who give you "power" to be your self, to find happiness, and to help move the community forward, will thrive.  

More powerful than finding young people in your own community who are enthusiastic about the future is a network of those that share that one thing in common--that they are  rural by choice.  

You'll hear more from us soon about how to get involved. If you're interested now and want to touch base, contact Simone Elder, Power Up and Engagement Manager, at   

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