PowerUp Principles & Values


EMPOWER – Create an environment that helps PowerUps live up to their potential and live their dreams in rural Kansas.

CONNECT – Connect PowerUps online and/or face to face within communities and across the state to improve social interconnectedness. 

ENGAGE – Stimulate all generations with PowerUp leadership in rural communities.

SUSTAIN – Build an inclusive network of peers to give PowerUps a collective voice on important community and statewide rural issues.

ENJOY – Help create a quality of life that is desirable to PowerUps.  


POSITIVE YET CONSTRUCTIVE  – PowerUps are constructive speakers and thoughtful listeners.

ACT WITH PURPOSE – PowerUps aim to be proactive and take deliberate steps to sustain the viability of rural communities.

RESPECT IDEALS – PowerUps respect the ideals of others by remaining neutral in terms of political, religious and social views.

APPRECIATE HISTORY – PowerUps appreciate and respect the builders of our communities.

LOCAL SUPPORT – PowerUps believe in supporting locally-owned businesses.