Andrea continued

Andrea says, "I remember stories about how the world changed for my family when the rural electrification program finally made it to our part of the world. It transformed lives for the better. I see access to rural broadband as a similar issue in the 21st century - giving rural communities the opportunity to offer the benefits of living in smaller communities without sacrificing access to tools needed in an increasingly home-based work environment. KSF listens to these stories and can share them with agencies and foundations that can make a difference in this and other areas."

When asked where her favorite place in Kansas is, Andrea said that every place she and Steve explore becomes their new favorite.  In recent years, they've loved going on The Big Kansas Road Trip with memorable stops at M.T. Liggett's property in Mullinville, supper at Buster's Cafe in Sun City, driving through the Arikaree Breaks in Cheyenne County, and sunset viewings at Mt. Sunflower in Wallace County. They love the opportunity to see our state in new ways every time they leave their driveway and share it with friends.