David continued

Dave not only received many awards for his work with rural grocery stores but he has our total appreciation for that work. He was the recipient of a We Kan! award in 2001.

He spent his career promoting rural culture and business, especially rural grocery operations. For years, rural Kansans have had the vision of folks being able to live anywhere in Kansas - enjoying the benefits of small town life - while working from a distance. David believes this vision is possible now more than ever as people increasingly have the opportunity to work remotely thanks to improved technologies and the understanding that productive work can happen from anywhere.  

 “That’s why the work of Marci, Sarah, and WenDee and the entire Kansas Sampler Foundation network is so important,” he said. “They serve as powerful rural by choice champions and it is an honor to be part of this work.” 

 David is retired from Kansas State University and enjoying life with his wife Sandy and their golden retriever, Aggie.